Peterpaulruben's D2X/1.11 Blocking Calculator

Base Shield Blocking %: Remember that shields block at different rates for different classes.
Total + to Blocking %: Includes magic bonuses and Holy Shield
Character Level:
Your Dexterity:
Final Blocking % While Walking/Fighting/Standing: This is the final % chance to block (75% is the maximum).
Final Blocking % While Running: This is the final % chance to block while running (25% is the maximum).
Dex Needed to Achieve Max Block (75%) While Walking/Fighting/Standing: Based on current shield, + to blocking %, and level.

UPDATE 10 January 2006: After much testing it's been confirmed that the previous values of run blocking were incorrect. Run blocking is capped at 25%. Sorry for the inaccuracy.
Thanks to Fifth-Fun for help with the testing.
Thanks to Vebev for bug-squashing help.